How to Tell If a Guy is in Love with You

in love with you

Some guys will come right out and say they are in love with you, but most of the time you’re going to have to look for subtle or not so subtle signs that he feels that way. It can be fairly easy if you know the signs.

He shows it in his body language

According to, if your man turns his body toward you when he is sitting or standing or when he sees you that is a positive sign. Further, the pupils in his eyes may also get larger when he is looking at you and he may blink more often while looking at you.

He is always ready to talk to you and wants to be with you

Men usually prefer the company of other men, because they have more in common with them. According to, if he starts spending time with you, however, when he could be spending time with his buddies and if he initiates conversation, those are sure signs he’s falling in love or already there.

Additionally, if he makes sure to approach you and acknowledge you when he sees you, no matter how busy he is, that is his way of showing you that he considers you a very special person.

He does other things to show you he thinks you’re special

The old saying about actions speaking louder than words is true when it comes to a man. suggests that a man is more likely to show you how much he loves you rather than saying how much he loves you.

One way he’ll do this is by giving you flowers or gifts even when it isn’t a special occasion. Speaking of special occasions, if he remembers your birthday or another important day without having to be prompted, that is a definite sign that love is at least blossoming if it isn’t already in full bloom.

He doesn’t mind compromising sometimes

I reports that if a man is insistent on having his way at one time but now is willing to compromise, he’s into you. He may ask if you can come along to an outing that was pre-planned or he may try to rearrange his plans.

He may even give them up all together if it means spending time with you. That’s a sign of love.

He starts paying more attention to his appearance

He may never have been a slob but you may have one day commented on a specific thing about his appearance or grooming and from that day on he has made a special effort to see that he is doing that particular thing.

According to, that is a sign that he values your opinion and cares about what you think about him and that is love.