How To Flirt With a Guy Over Text

In today’s world, communication with anyone has become almost instantaneous. People can get in touch with each other ways not possible a hundred, or even ten years ago. One popular method is through text messaging. Every day people from all over the world use text messages to casually and quickly communicate with others. Sometimes people use text messages to flirt.

However, some people have difficulty communicating effectively through text messaging. This article will give you a few tips on how to flirt with a guy via text messages.

First off, here’s a few guidelines to follow when flirting:

  1. Use pet names. You’re trying to diffuse tension, and become more intimate with whom you’re talking to. Start from the get-go. Don’t wait, or it’ll seem forced and awkward. Use a pet name sometime towards the beginning of your correspondence.
  2. Almost always use proper grammar. Projects intelligence, and separates you from everyone else that texts him. Only use if you’re being funny.
  3. Never sign the text (as in, blah blah blah blah blah – Ted.) even if they don’t know/remember your number. It also opens up an additional dialogue between the two of you.
  4. Use emoticons, but don’t overdo it. You want to be assertive and flirty, but not goofy and asexual. Too many and it’ll be hard to be taken seriously when you lay on the heavy game.
  5. Be descriptive in what you type. Unless you’re going for humor, don’t be vague and confuse him. In fact, even if you’re trying to be funny, be careful with this. You could infuriate him.
  6. Use brevity. Don’t use up the character limit. If it’s something that can’t be explained completely in a text and you’ve just got to tell him, then it merits a phone call.
  7. Express yourself. Personalize your texts. Spice him up with random CAPITALIZATION to emphasize certain words, and use wild punctuation at the end of sentences!!!
  8. Text as often as you like, within reason. Use texts sparingly, and sense when someone can’t or doesn’t want to text. If they’re at work or school, don’t expect an entire conversation or a prompt reply.
  9. Never use profanity. Ever. Nothing sexually explicit, either. Unless, somehow, they’re cool with it.
  10. Nothing negative. Don’t excessively whine, complain, or be a grouch in any way. You are out to make him smile and want to text you back!

You can keep all of this in mind, but it won’t help you one lick if you don’t have a good opening text. “What’s up” is boring, and isn’t a good way of differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack. Use something that stimulates a conversation or requires a thought out response.

For example, ask him a totally random question and tell him to ask you something back. It’s a fun way to get to know each other. Another good way to open is to ask him for help with something they’re good at or knowledgeable about. Ask him the name of a song by a band you know they like, or if they are good with computers ask him about a problem you’ve been having.

Something cute, fun and flirty works wonders. Also, don’t be afraid to engage in some light teasing. “Tag, you’re it!” “knock, knock” or “SURPRISE!” are good, funny openers. Just have something good to back him up. Say, for example, they respond to your tag and play along, text back with something along the lines of, “no tag backs, jerk!” If they respond, but don’t play along, give him “wow, you must be boring at parties :P.”

Following up your opener with a push/pull routine is usually the safest and most tame route to take. Push/pull is basically teasing him, but not antagonizing or being outright mean to him. Give him a compliment then, in a way, take it back. Think of it as a game of cat and mouse.

This is the simplest way to flirt. You can also try to build attraction for yourself in their eyes. Lament about how you’re tired of being seen as a piece of meat, or playfully tell him about your plans to elope with him. Make yourself out to be a person they want to be with.

Texting after a date (asking him out is an entirely different article) can also be a nice gesture. Once the night’s over and you’ve gone your separate ways, tell him good night, sweet dreams, and/or wish him a safe trip back home.

Once you’ve gone on a date or two and have gotten to know him better, don’t be afraid to build some comfort in your texts. Let him know you were thinking about him, or mention how they make you smile. It’s a good way of letting him know you have a special place in their life.

There you have it. Hopefully these tips help you on the road to romance in the 21st century. Just know that some people simply do not like texting. It’s nothing against you. If you feel that you do have a chance, and you do want to talk to him, just call. Good luck!